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Our goal is to provide quality coaching instruction with an emphasis on fundamental skill development

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About Maine Renegades

The Maine Renegades AAU programs are designed to provide middle school and high school aged girls and boys with opportunities to learn and improve their basketball skills in a safe and positive environment.

Our goal is to provide quality coaching instruction on an individual and team basis with an emphasis on fundamental skill development. Each player is encouraged to succeed, challenged to compete, and motivated to improve. We realize that confidence is often the most important factor in building and promoting success.

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Matthew Fleming

"I owe a significant amount of my growth in the game of basketball and, more importantly, my character to Rick"


Mike Fiorillo

"Renegades provided not only a first rate basketball experience for my son and daughter, but also a positive life experience..."

The Renegades Philosophy

At Renegades, we are committed to the development of every athlete and giving them the best possible AAU basketball experience. No Renegades coach will be in charge of more than two teams in an effort to put the emphasis getting to know each player. We host several coach meetings a season to discuss strategy, expectations, schedules, and games. Our goal is that no matter what Renegade team you play for, you receive the same standard of coaching. 

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